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1 a container that is used to put or keep things in
2 enlarged tip of a stem that bears the floral parts
3 an electrical (or electronic) fitting that is connected to a source of power and equipped to receive an insert

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From Latin receptaculum, from recipere, "to receive", from capere, "to hold"


  1. A container
  2. Botanical term for that part of the flower stalk (peduncle or pedicel) to which the floral parts are attached; also torus.
    1. In the Asteraceae, the end of the peduncle to which all of the florets of the flower head are attached.
  3. (electrical) US -- a contact device installed at an outlet for the connection of an attachment plug and flexible cord to supply portable equipment or appliances.


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In botany, the receptacle is the thickened part of a stem from which the flower organs grow. In some accessory fruits, for example in pomes or strawberries, the receptacle gives rise to the edible part of the fruit.
In phycology, receptacles are structures at the ends of branches of algae mainly in the brown algae or Heterokontophyta in the Order Fucales. They are specialised structures which contain the reproductive organs called conceptacles. receptacles also function as a structure that captures food.
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